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Anthony Robbins - Sun and Moon Personality - His Complete Personality Exposed - - Your Whole Life. Explained.
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Anthony Robbins
12:00 pm
North Hollywood, CA
34N 99W (-8 GMT)
Pisces (10)  
Aries (18)  
Pisces (25) / Aries
Aquarius (11)  
Aquarius (5) / Capricorn
Sagittarius (29) / Capricorn
Capricorn (15)  
Leo (18)  
Scorpio (9)  
Virgo (4) / Leo
Aspects Of Your Personality Sun And Moon Personality


Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins
Vulnerable & Imaginative
Very Driven & A Champion

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces an inner nature that differs greatly from the outer or projected personality. Its hard to strike a balance between a sense of inward peace, and reactions that are quite impulsive, active and even aggressive. There is a blending of emotional sensitivity, adaptability and understanding that is Pisces, with the high spirit and independence of Aries. With this there is generally a strong urge for personal advancement, fame or at least recognition, but you may need greater confidence and inward incentive to realize these desires. You may possess considerable ability for personal expression if you can just make the decision to go after it. Your strength lies in your natural love of knowledge and your urge to always be well-informed. You are also very self-reliant; showing keen mental ability, the ability to think for yourself. Its important for you to avoid extremes in your life, understanding the value of moderation and self-control. You should not neglect your need to find a peaceful world and a calm approach to problems, despite natural tendencies to overdo and be rather hard-driving. In many ways you seem to be very assertive, competitive and determined, but in actual fact, you are not really as positive and sure of yourself as you appear. In some ways there is a good bit of bluff in your personality. You put a lot of romance and feeling into everything you do, expressing much enthusiasm with a most purposeful approach to life. Yours is an unusual combination in that it possesses a rare capacity for depth of feeling, imagination and vision, while it also features so much personal assertiveness and and a powerful demand for independence.

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