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Your Cosmic DAILY Forecast - - Your Whole Life. Explained.
What Is A Cosmic-Forecast?

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Thank you for your interest!

Your 'COSMIC-FORECAST' Report takes your astrology birthchart or natal chart... and the "birthchart-of-the-day" or the location of where the planets are each day -- and reveals the cosmic-hand you have been dealt. For instance, if you think of each planet having a circle around the earth - that would be each planet's orbit. Imagine the Earth as the center point, and now picture 10 circlular paths around that. Now, each planet is in a certain location of it's circular path at any given time, around the earth.

In Astrology, we can decide on meanings for when a planet is so many degrees away from another planet. These are called "Aspects" or "Degrees Away". As you might know, a circle can be thought of as 360 degrees. Half of the circle is 180. When a two planets are directly on the opposite sides of the earth, they are 180 degrees apart, on a circle where the earth is the center. When planets are "in opposition" to one another, they are said to evoke certain qualities, depending on which planets are involved. It's scientific. To be a good astrologer, one must be extremely intelligent and master many areas of knowledge. A few of them might be math, astronomy (the study of the cosmos), some area of human nature, and be able to interact with lots of people - to build concrete connections between what they think 2 planets and an aspect, should mean - to what really happens in real life. Try it out now! or read more...

How things work...

Each planet has been researched over a long time to have to do with certain parts of people's personality. Try it to see it for yourself. Mars deals with how you strive to get something that you want, or how you are assertive. The Moon deals with the way you act when you are emotional (which at least in the USA, we would experience this most of the time - for this fast-paced, never-have-enough culture). The Sun has been found to represent our most important values, or your ego - what you are proud of and a starting point that everything else has to work around in your personality.

This Forecast Application will take all of astrology and funnel it into a new perspective. When you were born, the planets and their locations stamped "cosmic-dna" onto you. Each day, planets are in different locations, and they play off eachother. TODAY'S SUN (where it is today)... when it's at a certain aspect to (degrees away from) YOUR SUN (from the time you were born) will affect you in unique ways. The same goes for all of the planets, from your birthchart, interacting with all of the planets current locations. Sometimes the result puts you in a slightly better or worse mood. And this might explain the ups and downs we have in this crazy life. What does YOUR Forecast say?

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