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Browse the Cosmic Knowledge Bank - - Your Whole Life. Explained.

Browse the Cosmic Knowledge Bank

1. Aspects Of Your Personality (17)
(1) Your-Cosmic-Rating
(2) Get-Prosperity
(3) Cosmic-Daily-Forecast
(4) Golden-Time-Chiron
(5) Golden-Time-Chiron-Past
(6) Signs-Summary-Breakdown
(7) Modes-Breakdown
(8) Elements-Breakdown
(9) Genders-Breakdown
(10) Orientations-Breakdown
(11) Perspectives-Breakdown
(12) Planetary-Influences-Breakdown
(13) Sun-and-Moon-Personality
(14) Who-Is-Like-You
(15) Birthchart-Introduction
(16) Birthcharts
(17) Ascendant-And-Houses
2. Intro And Some Highlights (8)
(1) Career
SUN 1. Career Change to WHAT
SUN 2. How You Can Deal with Job Loss and Career Change
SUN 3. What Career You Would Like, Suggestions
SUN 4. Your Own Business, How You Can Become a Successful Entrepeneur
SUN 5. How You Can Deal with Job Loss and Career Change
SUN 6. Got an Interview, How You Should Put Your Best Foot Forward
SUN 7. How You Can FIND FAME, Ticket To Limelight
SUN 8. Your Summer Job
(2) Education-College
SUN 1. College Majors You Might Be Into
SUN 2. How to Shine-and-Impress at Your High School Reunion
SUN 3. How You Navigate the World After Graduation
SUN 4. Back To School Fashion You Might Be Sporting, Style
SUN 5. How You Get Ready to Go Back To School
(3) Emotional-Side-Moon
MOON 1. How to Feel Happy, Safe and Fulfilled
MOON 2. Your Hidden Character
MOON 3. Emotions, alwaysastrology
MOON 4. Emotions, lifetips
MOON 5. Emotions, trans4mind
MOON 6. Your Habits, Reactions, Instincts, Innermost Needs, How You Show Emotions and Mother-or-Baby Yourself
MOON 7. Your Emotional Needs for Sex, Love, and Relationships
(4) Stress
SUN 1. Your Stress Triggers
SUN 2. Your Superstitions, Bizarre Beliefs, and Behaviors, Stress
(5) Personality
MARS 1. Your Basic Nature, Instincts, Sensuality, Drive, Agressiveness
SUN 2. Details of Your Personality, as The Woman
SUN 3. Overall Personality, As A Woman
SUN 4. The Woman Personality Overview
SUN 5. Personality Overview In Astro-Speak
SUN 6. Personality Overview, As A Child
SUN 7. Personality Overview, cafeastrology
SUN 8. Personality Overview, Sign Info
SUN 9. Personality Overview
SUN 10. Overall Personality, As A Child
SUN 11. Overall Personality, As A Friend
SUN 12. Overall Personality, As A Lover
SUN 13. Details of Your Personality, Famous Personalities
SUN 14. Details of Your Personality, How You Are As A Boss
SUN 15. Details of Your Personality, How You Are As A Employee
SUN 16. Details of Your Personality, How You Can Be Recognized
SUN 17. Details of Your Personality, How You Were As A Child
(6) Creativity-Neptune
NEPTUNE 1. Creativity, alwaysastrology
NEPTUNE 2. Creativity, astrolibrary
NEPTUNE 3. Creativity, astroscoped
NEPTUNE 4. Creativity, trans4mind
(7) Mind-Mercury
MERCURY 1. How You Learn
MERCURY 2. How You Think On Your Feet
MERCURY 3. How Your Mind Thinks
MERCURY 4. Your Concentration, Communication, and Reasoning Skills
MERCURY 5. Your Decision-Making Style and Way of Absorbing Information
MERCURY 6. Your Intelligence, and How You Talk To Others
MERCURY 7. Your Minds Pros and Cons
MERCURY 8. Your Perception and Mindset in Communication
MERCURY 9. Your Thinking Style
MERCURY 10. Your Thoughts and Expressions Are Shaped This Way
MERCURY 11. Your Way of Expressing and Adapting
(8) Personal-Growth-Jupiter
JUPITER 1. Personal Growth, alabe
JUPITER 2. Personal Growth, trans4mind
3. How You Relate (10)
(1) ATTRACTED-TO-her-Sun-Mars-him-Moon-Venus
MARS 1. Your TYPE of Man, What You Are Attracted To In A Man
SUN 2. 3 Things That Can Turn You On
SUN 3. Attracting-Seducing You
SUN 4. Your TYPE of Man, What You Are Attracted To In A Man
SUN 5. Your Way of Being Attracted and Then Seduced
(2) Flirting-Sun-Venus
SUN 3. Your Flirting Style
(3) How-I-Want-To-Get-Picked-Up-On
SUN 1. How You Could Be Picked-Up at a Bar or Restaraunt
SUN 2. How You Could be Picked-Up On an Ocean Cruise
SUN 3. You Might Get Picked-Up at a BBQ This Way
SUN 4. You Might Get Picked-Up at a Wedding This Way
SUN 5. You Might Get Picked-Up at Work This Way
SUN 6. A Park Pickup that Might Work on You
SUN 7. A Summer Beach Pickup that Might Work on You
SUN 8. A Video-Store Pickup that Might Work on You
SUN 9. Pickup at a Gym
(4) Dating
SUN 1. A Date You Might Like During Summer
SUN 2. An On-Campus Date You Might Like
SUN 3. Budget Dates THAT IMPRESS You
SUN 4. Date Ideas That Would Dazzle You
SUN 5. Date Ideas You May Like During Fall
SUN 6. How It Would Be To Date Your Own Sign
SUN 7. Your Worst Possible Slips-Ups On a Date
SUN 8. Dating Dealbreakers For You
SUN 9. Dating Tip
SUN 10. How You Are When Dating
SUN 11. How You Can Move on, Grieve and Get Over Major Heartbreaks
(5) Seduce-You
SUN 1. How Can You Be Seduced
SUN 2. How You Would Like Someone to SEDUCE YOU, with these Tactics and Strategies
SUN 3. Lose Points, Seduce
SUN 4. Win Points, Seduce
SUN 5. Your Approach to Seducing Someone, by Element
SUN 6. Your Way of Being Attracted and Then Seduced
(6) LOVER-Sun-Venus-Mars
VENUS 1. In the Bedroom
MARS 2. Your Impulse to Act on Your Desires
SUN 3. How Your ex-Lover Can Make Up with You
SUN 4. Overall Personality, As A Lover
SUN 5. Your Kissing Style
SUN 6. Your Summer Fling
(7) SEX-Sun-Mercury-Mars
MARS 1. Sex, Turn-ons and Flirtation
MARS 2. Your Sex Drive and Desires
VENUS 3. Sex, Turn-ons and Flirtation
MERCURY 4. How Sex Begins in Your Thoughts
SUN 5. Sex, How You Like It
SUN 6. Who You Are Sexually Compatible With
SUN 7. Who You Are Sexually Compatible With
(8) LUV-Sun-Venus-Mars
VENUS 1. What You Are Like, In Love, Friendship Style, Creative Expression, Big Attraction, Winning You
VENUS 2. Your Comfort Zone in Love & Relationships, Affection You Are Receptive To, To Woo You, Turn-offs, And Preferred Emotional-Physical Distance
VENUS 3. Your Romantic Needs, Powers of Attraction, and Expression of Love
MARS 4. Love Styles, how you act to ATTAIN love, affection, and anything
SUN 5. How to WIN your LOVE
SUN 6. Loving You
SUN 7. How You Do Long Distance Relationships to Keep Love Alive
SUN 8. How You Might Propose, Love
SUN 9. How You Show Love
SUN 10. How Your ex-Lover Can Make Up with You
SUN 11. Overall Personality, As A Lover
SUN 12. The Love Songs You Probably Love
SUN 13. What You Want Your Honeymoon to Be Like so its Memorable, Love
SUN 14. Where and How To Find Your Soul Mate
(9) Relationship-Romance-Sun-Venus
VENUS 1. Relationships, alwaysastrology
VENUS 2. Relationships, lifetips
VENUS 3. Relationships, trans4mind
VENUS 4. Your Comfort Zone in Love & Relationships, Affection You Are Receptive To, To Woo You, Turn-offs, And Preferred Emotional-Physical Distance
VENUS 5. Your Romantic Needs, Powers of Attraction, and Expression of Love
SUN 6. Influencing You In A Relationship
6. Love-Sex-Seduction-Influence
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Insights for Influence:
She is warm, sharing, and caring, butter her up and she'll give you the shirt off her back. She is sympathetic and loyal, she'll listen and try to help, find something for her to help you with. She is sometimes judgmental, jumps to conclusions and does things with out thinking of the consequences, you may have to help her get her tootsies out of the fire with your diplomacy (she'll appreciate it). She is the jealous type, so guard against being overfriendly to the opposite sex. She likes to be in control and arrange things, let her do it. She wants someone she can mould to her liking, so bend like a reed.

Insights for Influence:
She is a material person with a sensuous nature. You can definitely get her attention by wearing stylish clothes and alluring perfume. She likes to give flowers and gifts, so act graciously and be thankful when you get them, and you'll get more. She likes masculinity and manners in a man, so she can demonstrate her caring and thoughtfulness about your well-being. Drop any loud, contentious, or controlling behavior you may have and practice being 'princely'. She may be up-to-date on the latest in finance and business, but she is a romantic and wants to treat you with respect the old fashioned way. Give her the reason to do it. Although, she wants you to be masculine, she doesn't want you to be overdo it - nor does she want you to act like a crushed flower needing constant attention all the time - avoid being an emotional heavy weight.

Insights for Influence:
She is a mental person and likes to talk a lot, so act interested, don't show your bored and learn to listen. She likes talking with people and may forget about you at a social function, learn to entertain yourself. She is famous for making you show up to 'an important meeting', then showing up late herself. When you figure out her average 'late' time, arrive at that time intsead. Her time is always occupied with things she has to 'do'. Take advantage of this and get her to do things for you. She is always coming up with something new to do or to talk about, life certainly won't be boring. If you get mad at her, it won't be for long, she'll con you into forgiving her.

Insights for Influence:
She likes someone that is a mental mate, who can carry conversations with her. She is subject to mood swings, so help her when she's feeling down, and you'll be her ride when she's feeling on the up and up. She is very intuitive and can sense your true feelings, be genuine and real, not pretentious. She can pick up on whatever mood you're in and feel the same way within minutes, if you are happy, she'll be happy, if sad, she'll be the same. She likes social things, but not in excess, get her approval first before you commit.

Insights for Influence:
She likes to be the center of attention and has lots of friends and fans around her. Learn to be a groupie, but don't shine her shoes. She feels that she can conquer just about anything, so leave some question as to your true feelings, the mystery and intrigue will drive her up a wall. There will always be men around her, so get used to it. She is usually quite open and honest about things, so you should be able to read her like a book. She likes fun and good times, so be ready to party. Let her know that she is the queen and she'll let you be the king.

Insights for Influence:
She is a problem solver and gets things taken care of once she's had time to think it out. Give her the details and the time and she'll take care of it. She may appear cold and immune to your emotions or tears, but inside she's genuinely concerned and trying to analyze what your problem is so she can help you. She cares but she shows it differently than most people. She may set a standard for how she expects you to behave, find out what it is and stick to the format. She may provoke an argument to test you if she feels you don't care, let her know what your feelings are. She likes playing the role of 'mother' so let her know that you are counting on her and she'll come through for you. She has a deep sense of fairness, so appeal to that when you want to win a point with her.

Insights for Influence:
She doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings and may carry on a relationship with you even though she doesn't want to. Learn to read between the lines. She tends to like beauty which she judges by eye appeal, make yourself appealing to the eye, clothes, hair, clothes, etc. She likes to give advice and help others with solutions to their problems which she rationalizes in her mind. Ask her for advice to feed her vanity. She is more in love with the word love than the experience itself. Keep the romantic fire burning with little sentimental things and tokens of love. She hates confusion and discord, so maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and that includes a tidy home. She will look upon you as her number one person, so you'll have to maintain that status or she'll become disillusioned.

Insights for Influence:
She is magnetic and secretive, holding her thoughts and knowledge in a deep vault, prying won't work you'll have to settle for what She chooses to reveal to you. She has an x-ray ability to look inside you and know what's in your mind, so get used to being an open book. She is passionate about everything that she believes in, including sex, so if you are cold or uninterested, you won't last long. When she lectures on one of her pet peeves, just agree with her and try to change the subject gracefully. She has a hypnotic personality and men are naturally attracted to her, try not to show jealousy. She is a dominant female and has an ability to psychically transmit her will to others. That is how you will know what She wants. Cater to her demands on most little issues, then stand your ground on something important, she'll give you what you want. She is sympathetic and considerate of those she cares about, show that you appreciate her attention.

Insights for Influence:
She is exuberant, fun loving and social, you need to be 'pretty', witty and able to mix with her friends. Her enthusiasm and need for challenge causes her to jump into half baked schemes and plans that haven't been well thought out, provide her with some of the basic missing details. She is a romantic, but only superficially, you'll have to teach her what it's all about. She is extravagant in most everything she does, you'll have to help her control the spending. Her honest and naive nature makes her tactless when it comes to saying the right thing, she's prone to putting her foot in her mouth, re-interpret what she says to you the way she should have said it. She likes sports and the outdoors so learn to like these things because she'll expect you to tag along.

Insights for Influence:
She is methodical, routine and organized, show her how you schedule your own life's activities. She is conventional, practical and efficient, show her how well you manage your finances and resources. She is big on family and foundation, show her the family tree, bring along your kid brother, belong to an organization. She is a believer in 'actions speak louder than words' regarding love. You may have to coax the love word from her. She likes the pursuit, so be a bit hard to get, without over doing it. Some Capricorns, though very capable, are lacking in self-confidence, be certain that you are a cheerleader.

Insights for Influence:
When you see her staring into space, her mind is probably fifty years in the future, gently remind her to return to planet earth. She has no one best friend, because everyone from every level of society is her friend. Be open minded and gracious when you meet them. She is a highly mystical and spiritual person and needs freedom for analytical exploration. You'll be hearing theories and ideas that are radical and border on the impossible, just smile and be a good audience. Yes, you can ask questions. She keeps her private thoughts and emotions hidden so they won't interfere with her detached exterior. She may even love you but not express it. You need to be a bit forward in this regard. She shrinks from binding emotional ties, so hide the emotions and act like a friend with out demands of exclusivity. When she feels that you can exist like a parallel to her without wanting to own her, she'll feel safe to commit to you. She is an optimist of the highest order, so if you are feeling down, she won't rest until she pulls you up again. She analyzes everything, so don't volunteer information about yourself, let her get it bit by bit. Keep the mystery about you for as long as you can.

Insights for Influence:
She is sensitive and intuitive, interested in spiritual things, and probably interested in the occult, astrology and their associates. Bring up these subjects and you'll be able to talk for hours. She is empathic and everyone can lean on her for sympathy regarding their problems. Get some if you need it, but don't over do it. She's a great dreamer of things but sometimes doesn't take any action. Light a fire under her to get her going. She's a real romantic and appreciates a candlelight dinner, then sitting cozy in front of the fireplace afterwards. Get some cuddling and romance. She admires beauty of all sorts, from a single flower, to a wilderness landscape, to antiques. Dress beautifully and have beautiful things around you for her to admire.
SUN 7. Romancing You
SUN 8. How You Could Have Romantic Revenge Exacted on you If You Break Up Badly
SUN 9. Your Taste In Romantic Movies
SUN 10. Intimacy Issues You Could Have
SUN 11. How You Do Long Distance Relationships to Keep Love Alive
SUN 12. Your Relationship Donts
SUN 13. Your Relationship Needs
SUN 14. Your Relationships
SUN 15. Your Ways of Mixing Money and Relationship
(10) Friendship-Sun-Venus
VENUS 1. What You Are Like, In Love, Friendship Style, Creative Expression, Big Attraction, Winning You
SUN 2. What Your Best Friends Might Be Like
SUN 3. Your Quirks as a Roomate
4. Taking Charge (6)
(1) Employee
SUN 1. Details of Your Personality, How You Are As A Employee
SUN 2. Your Working Employee-Personality
(2) Boss
SUN 1. As a Boss, How Would You Be Buttered Up
SUN 2. Details of Your Personality, How You Are As A Boss
(3) Responsibility-Saturn
SATURN 1. Responsibility, alwaysastrology
SATURN 2. Responsibility, Life Lessons, lifetips
SATURN 3. Responsibility, trans4mind
(4) Assertive-Mars
MARS 1. Assertive, alwaysastrology
MARS 2. Assertive, trans4mind
MARS 3. Assertive, Yang Principles of Action, Leadership, Competitiveness and Aggression, lifetips
(5) Power-Pluto
PLUTO 1. Power, alwaysastrology
PLUTO 2. Power, astroscoped-astrolibrary
PLUTO 3. Power, trans4mind
(6) Parenting
SUN 1. How You Would Handle Single-Parenthood
SUN 2. Your Parenting Style, Raising Them Your Way
SUN 3. As a Mother, How You Are With Your Daughter
SUN 4. As a Mother, How You Are With Your Son
SUN 5. Your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Mom
5. Lighter Side (6)
(1) Fun
SUN 1. Cities That Satisfy Your Soul
SUN 2. Your Party Personality
SUN 3. A Bad Horror Movie You Might Like
SUN 4. What is Your Type of Scary Movie
SUN 5. Your Pick for a Thanksgiving Movie
SUN 6. Your Taste In Romantic Movies
SUN 7. What You Might Like To Do on a Day-Off
SUN 8. How You Write a Facebook Status, Answering the Question, Whats On Your Mind
SUN 9. Your Inner Video-Game-Player
SUN 10. Your Star Trek Alter Ego
SUN 11. A Prank that Would Get You Good
SUN 12. Bad Holiday Gifts to AVOID Giving You
SUN 13. Gifts You Would Like to Get
SUN 14. Guilty Pleasures, How You Have Fun in Secret
SUN 15. Your Way to Have Fun on Vacation
SUN 16. How to Use Nighttime Dreaming to its Potential
SUN 17. Your List of Things to Do Before You Settle Down
SUN 18. Fun, Money-Savvy-Socializing, Save Money and Have Fun with the Girls
SUN 19. Your Facebook Page
SUN 20. A TV Show You Might Want to See
(2) Tastes-in-Food
SUN 1. What Fast-Food Might You Choose
SUN 2. What Organic Foods Would Be Suited For You
SUN 3. Your Summer Food
SUN 4. You Might Enjoy These Holiday Side Dishes
SUN 5. Your Type of Beer
SUN 6. Your Type of Diet, to Lose Weight
SUN 7. How and What to EAT HEALTHY and Be Healthy
SUN 1. What You Are Thankful For
SUN 2. How You Can Go Pink
SUN 3. How You Could GO GREEN
SUN 4. How You Might Voluneteer, Use Your Good Intentions
SUN 5. Your Way of Lending a Hand, How You Offer Support
SUN 6. Historic Women, Their Driving Forces and Yours
(4) Style
SUN 1. Back To School Fashion You Might Be Sporting, Style
SUN 2. Customized Beauty Secrets and Makeover Ideas, Style
SUN 3. Halloween Costume Options to Consider Wearing
SUN 4. The Bridal Gown You Might Wear, Style
SUN 5. What Dress Should You Wear to Prom, Style
SUN 6. What Style of Lingerie Do You Wear
SUN 7. You Might Want to Wear This Sexy Halloween Costume, Style
SUN 8. Your Ideal Tattoo, Style
SUN 9. Your Sultry Summer Style
SUN 10. Your Wedding Colors, Style
SUN 11. Your Wedding Flowers, Style
(5) Lucky-Jupiter
JUPITER 1. Luck, alwaysastrology
JUPITER 2. Lucky Quality, lifetips
JUPITER 3. Lucky, Find Out Where You Are Luckiest in Life
JUPITER 4. How to Best Attract Good Fortune
(6) Exercise
SUN 1. How You Might Want to Get Fit in Spring, Exercise
SUN 2. Your Yoga Pose
6. Nice To Know (3)
(1) Childhood
SUN 1. Details of Your Personality, How You Were As A Child
SUN 2. Overall Personality, As A Child
SUN 3. Personality Overview, As A Child
(2) Money
SUN 1. Budget Tips, How to Save Money
SUN 2. How You Can Manage Your Money Better
SUN 3. Your Money Habits, How You Spend It
SUN 4. Your Ways of Mixing Money and Relationship
SUN 5. How You Deal With The Recession, How You Cope
SUN 6. What You INVEST In
SUN 7. Your Signs Worst Financial Compatibility
(3) Identification
SUN 1. How Can Someone tell Your Sun Sign
SUN 2. How You Are Stereotyped and its Source

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